Simulate Click doesnt work properly utilizing web application on RDP

i have a dinamic selector in a web application, im utilizing a unattended robot to connect a RDP machine, but only work for the first time(utilizing simulate),when its a hardware events works normally . when its running in attended mode he works pretty well.

im utilizing a variable in selector, but in my mind doesnt make sense hardware events works better than simulate

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Hey @natanael.mendes

You are trying to connect RDP


You are trying to connect web app inside RDP

Kindly confirm



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I believe you are accessing a RDP machine in a unattended mode
Again it’s something logging in to a machine and perform automation

So in that case it’s not like all the fields or buttons in a application will take simulate property
Sometimes it won’t work

In that case we can try with normal hardware itself
With send window message enabled

Did we try by keeping the activities that take only simulate property and keeping the remaining with default hardwar way of accessing

Cheers @natanael.mendes

Hi @natanael.mendes ,

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First of all please let us know you are connecting the RDP or any other app inside it, also can you show the error what you got from Logs.