Is there any solution other than Simulate click and send window message to click a button in unattended run?

The selector works on default mode and is not working on both activating simulate and send window messages. i need to run the bot in unatttended in a virtual machine, the bot fails to find the ui element when it is on unattended mode? could anyone please give a solution to fix this?

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Hi @muhamed.fasil ,

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As you mentioned that selectors working fine in default mode. I am not sure why you are going for simulate. is there any mandatory requirement that you should run the automation on background. wanted to inform you that if you select the properties by using default mode i mean normal click and type into works in un attended we don’t need to go for simulate options.

What is the error you are receiving while using simulate option for click and type into. thanks.


in attended mode it works fine on defauls, The bot is running in a virtual environment, seems that if no user is logged into it, the virtual machine is in logged of condition and the bot runs in background and the selectors are not working as expected with default type
only simulate works,

but i have got a selector which only works on default type

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Bot fails to find the ui element means it’s not the issue with Simulate / Send Windows Message option

Try to check the Selector by using UiExplorer and check the tag and make it to work dynamic


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We have lot of processes running on un attended mode in VM under prod environment. we don’t use any simulate those all are working in un attended mode with the normal mode.

do you see any time out errors if you use normal click and running the automation from orchestrator through un attended mode.

if the selectors are working while running the process attended mode. in that case try with the activate option in the UiPath to activate window so that application will come on foreground so that it will be able to click the button properly. give it a try.

There is one more method to bring our application to foreground is we can use invoke method activity and passing our application browser object(we have to get it from open browser activity output) and selecting method as BringToForeground. this should work for sure. please refer the below screenshot for your reference.



It was because the bot was in user mode, since in usermode the bot cant get all the ui elements in unattended mode, so when changed to service mode the bot works fine

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Yes for unattended run you need to install your bot as a service mode @muhamed.fasil

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Hi @muhamed.fasil ,

if you install the UiPath bot by using MSI file instead of exe it will automatically installed in service mode. thanks.

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