MessageBox is not appearing

Hi Everyone

Trying to test massegebox activity in UIpath:

But when i push “Run” button UIpath is closing and no activities anymore.

Than UIPath open Debug window.

I tried to check it with “Test Activity” and messagebox is appearing.

How to solve this issue with “Runing” activity w/o debugging window?


Welcome to the uipath community.

Could you please restart Uipath studio and then try once.


Thanks for fast reply.
What does it mean: reset? I have this issue on 2 different laptops - can it be error in sofware or windows etc?



I guess it’s installation issue. Could you please uninstall and freshly install it again.

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When you click on Run it will run from the root .xaml file which is main.xaml over here .

If you want to run your sequence.xaml then choose Run File , this will help you to run current .xaml file


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Thanks a lot! Now it works:grinning:


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