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Hey Pawel, Pablito,

While I have recently joined the UiPath forum, I have seen your name in many threats providing very useful answers and feedback. I, therefore, reach out to you because I am struggling with some technical problems in my Studio edition.

When I download studio on my private laptop with a private Gmail, I get all the options showcased in the tutorials of the academy. If, on the contrary, I install the studio.exe on my work laptop, with my company email, I miss activities/options.

For instance, instead of a message box with a speech balloon, I get a grey square with black arrows (the default icon for home-made library actions). It is also called ‘message box’ factory instead of ‘message box’. More troublesome: it does not have the option to type in the text in the designer panel. Instead, everything needs to be configured via the properties panel.

I message you because we are planning on upscaling our UiPath usage significantly in the coming months and we want to prevent these issues for all our consultants.

Could you help me out? Thank you in advance!


My company laptop:

My private laptop:

Hi @Myrthe,
Please don’t hesitate asking questions publicly :slight_smile:

Regarding the issue. Please make sure you have the newest possible version of .Net Framework. Please also confirm that you have exact same version of the Studio on both computers. Please also show me each package version from both computers (a project tab).

I got the same problem as Myrthe but all the time working with same Studio. The weird thing is that in one project I see all those activities and in the other no.
Example found

Example not found

@Pawel Wozniak, how do I check the .Net Framework version?

I changed to previous versions as the one working with no success.

This is the package ver from the one working and currently the one I am working with (having activities missing)

It’s because the new version have by default the Modern Design enabled. Just go to your project settings and you can disable it. Or what I encourage you to do is to test new Design with better activities for the browser ^^


In the end, I opted for a company trial version and now I have all functionalities. I am guessing it has something to do with using a work/corporate laptop.

I’m not sure what version of the Studio is using your company but this functionality was implemented since the 2020.4.1 version of the Studio.

This might be useful for you :slight_smile:

Hi Pablito,

Yes, I like the Modern design and after switching it off as per your instructions. The core options are still missing (ex. Open browser, close tab, etc).

However in the last post from you there is a link that explains why I don’t see the classic Activities.

Thanks a lot for your support,

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