Problem with the Sequence

Main.xaml (520.7 KB)
Can someone please help me what I am doing wrong in the sequence which are creating problem.

Which version of UiPath Studio you are using here?

I think the problem lies in the start date and end date because before addition of these the sequence was working smoothly.

Hello @Priyanka_Jharia

it would be better if you can share the screenshot of xaml. I think the error is happening due to some logic issue. Either you go to debug and use stepinto to identify which step is throwing the error.

I have provided the xaml file above.

@Priyanka_Jharia Can you please explain what exactly the issue you are facing

See when you see the sequence you will find start date and end date input sequence, before I added this my project was running smoothly but now this is creating problems in running like not able to perform operation for company codes, stop in middle of execution etc.

Main.xaml (385.9 KB)
I have run the above file but it is given me this below exception after downloading activity completed its operation.
Can you please help me with this?