Need basic idea about PDF File to Excel File Conversion

Hi Team

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I have search in our forum help i cannot able to follow and its not completed solution for these topic too

Any one can Guide me and Help me for this issues

i need basic idea about the PDF File to Excel File Convert and what are the activities we need to use regularly ?

can anyone help me here !!

Hi RaviDevaraj,

There are no specific or separate activities for converting pdf to excel.
the only way is using string manipulations you can do that. for better ideas share your pdf we advise more.


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Hi @harinathreddy.yn

my PDF File size is 13.7 mb throws an error see below error screenshot

i will share the first page can you guide me how to this in uipath ?
see my first page

I think you can use open pdf and then extract structured data or use screen scraping

Thanks a lot for your Respone

I have used Read PDF Text Activty – To read PDF File

I don’t have idea about extract structured data or extract structured data

But i used in my xaml file i captured First page of my pdf file and it throws an error very 1st step itself ?

so please find my xaml file here : Main.xaml (11.7 KB)

can you illustrate the error what i have done in that xaml file ?

Hi RaviDevarj,

You have not provided output and Extract Metadata.
I am not aware much about ExtractMetada XML.
Coming to your case there is no much scope for this as your data is not structured data so my advise for you is to use string operations like split and arrange it as you need.
You can share one page of your pdf so that I can provide you sample XAML on how to go with it.


How ?

see the sample first page of pdf file below

Hi Ravi,

Until you share me raw data I cannot provide XAML.
split it into lines and assign it to array, so first 14 lines will belong to one agent and other 14 to next agent .
Now you have to work on each line to get desired information.

Hi @harinathreddy.yn
i upload my pdf file throws an error

so how can i able to send here !!!

oh ,…

copy the data of first page into a word document and upload it