Shorter way to paste from excel to word?

Hi All,

Currently I’m using word application scope within excel application scope. After copying, (In word) I will
ctrl+g, do a series of send hotkeys to type in line tab, alt+f4 & paste. May I know if there’s any shorter
method to paste in specific line?

Suggestions are welcome!

use read range in excel application scope you will get the data table, and now use. output data able which give you data table as string now use write to word application.

You can use Replace Text activity.

  • Provide a Syntax in Word document like %%ReplaceText%%.
  • Use Replace Text activity to replace it with required text. You can give new lines using Environment.Newline.


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I’m trying to paste a table/chart(below the replaced text) after replacing text, I tried using newline & send hotkey enter, ctrl v but it always pastes on top?

For Tables, you can use insert Datatable activity by replacing a keyword. You need to mention position as “Replace” and provide relace text.



This is what I needed, much thanks!

Either way, is there a way I can replace text or chart(in word) with a chart I just created in excel?

Please see the below link.

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