Inserting table from excel to new word document

I want to insert a table from excel sheet to new word document. pls help me on this

Hi @Ananda5

I would personally try to use Excel Application Scope. Within it, I would use Select Range activity to select the range of the table. Then I would use Send hotkey activity to send CTRL+C (to copy the data).

You can then paste the data into Word by using Send hotkey activity set to CTRL+V (to paste the data)

Of course, this solution assumes that the table is of static size. But there are of course workarounds for situations when it would be dynamic:

  • you could read the table using Read Range activity, see how big it is and use that information as variables for your Select Range activity
  • you could use VBA scripting to capture the active range from the Excel

@loginerror could it be possible that we get the range data into clipboard and then paste into other application (like word, access or Navision) as send hot keys are not preferable choice

You could do this instead:
Read Range to read your desired range
Output data table to output the values of the data table to a string
Type into activity to type it into the application of choice