How to copy&paste a table from Excel to Word document

Hi Everyone,

I want to copy several information from a Excel spreadsheet to a Word document. I succeeded to get a specific cell and place it in a specific location in my Word document using Set Bookmark Content. But I didn’t find the solution to copy a table and paste it in a specific location in my Word document, keeping the content and the format.

Could someone help me with this ?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Thank you for your answer!

I’ve already managed to do this kind of operations. What I would like to do is take a table (with colors, format, content) from Excel an put it in a part well defined of a Word Document.

Hope you will be able to help me.


Hi @bwade,

Can you try following steps:

  1. Use Excel scope activity and inside send hot key to select all (ctrl + a). If you want to select a range you use select range activity
  2. Send hot key to copy (ctrl + c)
    3)Send hot key to paste to word(ctrl + v). This step you need to give proper selector so that it paste it to right place.

Hi @Sasi.lalo

Thank you! It works when I use the Activity Click at the right place and after paste (when it is on the first page of document). What I can’t do is to find the specific place in my Word Document (for Example in Part 3, page 2) and and send hot key.

Could you enlighten me about this?

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Hi @bwad,

Can you try hot key “Ctrl+G” in word, where you have multiple option to choose.

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Thanks a lot @Sasi.lalo, it works perfectly!

Hi, @bwade I am having what seems to be the exact same issue you had, but I am having trouble actually getting these above steps to work. . . Would you mind sharing xaml?

Thank you!

I followed the following steps and it worked like charm.

  1. Use Excel application scope and Select Range in sheet.
  2. Send Hot Key (Ctrl+c)
  3. Use word application scope and use Pate chart/picture into document activity.