From excel to word (without bookmarks)

Hi all, first of all I am very new here, if anything is wrong with my topic or the way I try to communicate please direct me. I searched so much about copying data from excel cell and pasting into word. The problem is that, the word is seperated with tabs not in a table format, and I need to paste the value in specified tab. Is it possible to automate that situation? Copy-past process needs to be iterated about hundreds times, in that case from excel cell to a bookmark in word is not efficient… Thanks a lot for any comment…

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Please share the excel and word file along with the process description.

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Hi @SuleyRey,

Use Read Range for reading Excel(inside excel application scope use read range)
Apply for each loop on DataTable you get from Read Range( you get output as data table)
Write To Word using Word Application scope(write text file for the first time and append text from the second time usinge a counter variable and incrementing it once first time is over )
Save word as PDF(if required)

Unfortunately the system does not allow me to upload any file. It says that new users are not able to upload files…