How to copy graphs from excel and paste in word doc

Hi All,

We have some graphs in excel and we are trying to copy the same in word doc. Could anyone help me in this?


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  1. Try to open the excel using “start process” activity it will open in microsoft excel.
  2. give some delay since it may take time to open.
  3. Then using send hotkey and send “ctrl+a”.
  4. Then using send hotkey and send “ctrl+a”.(This is send so that entire sheet is selected)
  5. Then using send hotkey and send “ctrl+c”.
  6. Then use “get from clipboard” activity and store in a variable.
  7. Then use activity “start process” and open a docx file in which you want to paste the graph.
  8. Then using send hotkey and send “ctrl+v”.

Thanks for your reply.

Could you please help me with the “get from clipboard” activity. Which variable type & scope should we mentioned while creating a variable?

Below worked for me.

  1. get from clipboard activity pasted
    2.variable(Result) : ExcelClip
    3.Type : Generic ( created with CTL+k)
    4.scope : sequence



Thanks it worked.