Sharing unattended BOTs

I want to share the BOTs that I have developed with my collogues using uipath assistant.

I have invited them on my tenant by crearting a group and provided them all the appropriate access.
I have also allocated the license to the group.

Strangely only 4 members of the group can use the BOTs and are connected,Licensed through UIPath assistant and others are getting “Connected, Unlicensed” and are getting nothing in the Assistant.

( I did nothing special for those 4 members)

Does Assistant takes more time to reflect the BOTs or is there any issue ?

Please help if anyone knows how it exactly works.

Thanks alot :slight_smile:

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Hey @Bhanu_Rathore

Kindly make sure you have licenses available for those number of users please…



Increase the concurrent runtime license for that bot

Check this doc on how to allocate license

Cheers @Bhanu_Rathore

As per this page i can allocate only one license .

I have community free edition.

Can you please tell me how can i increase concurrent runtime license for a Bot?

Why only 4 people are able to use it if i can allocate only one license ?
I want whole group to use unattended BOT through Assistant

Hi @Bhanu_Rathore ,

According to the Above Screenshot, You have allocated all Named User licenses that were available to the Users (4 Users). As we can see from the below Image, we have only 4 Named User Licenses in the Community Version.

If you need more, you could try Requesting for a Enterprise Trial and then Check if you can allocate more licenses again.

More about Licensing can be found in the below Docs :

Let us know if you were able to allocate more licenses or still need help.

Hi @supermanPunch

In my group I have 50 users.
So do I need Trial Version for that?
The table shared by you is for Developer. I want to add the users only as Automation user and not developer.

As noted above by @supermanPunch, Community allows for 2 Attended & 2 Automation Developers in addition what is not shown in the screenshot also 1 Unattended.

As Studio/Developer is also considered an Attended Robot this would account for 2 of your users in addition to the 2 Attended licenses allowing you provision 4 users that can run a process in an attended state.

Community edition is not intended for a scale of 50 users, and as you can see the Enterprise Trial is not sufficient either as well as being a time based trial. In order to satisfy your requirements you would need to purchase sufficient licenses to allow for the number of Named / Concurrent licenses that you need.

More information about the available licensing SKUs that can be purchased, can be found here

You can start an Enterprise trial and/or buy required licenses directly from your Cloud Portal under the Admin > Licenses.

Additional questions and inquires should be directly to the Sales Support team

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