Licenses with Ui Path Community Edition

Hello Community Im am new to Uipath and could need some help.

with the difference Licenses we got (2 attended/1 unattended), on how many differen computers can wen run them? I want do run bot on the another Computer
Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

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Hy @Cedric_Klein,

Attended robot is triggered by the user. You can connect an Orchestrator account for up to two computers and run processes saved on the orchestrator using the Uipath Asistant

Unattended robot does not need user action to start. You can schedule it to run my itself.

Uipath is awesome!
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@Cedric_Klein, Hi

The community license does not allow you to do that. You can only connect your robot to one mechine at the time. if you need to switch computers then you would have to disable the one and enable the other mechine. Hope this makes sense and answers your question.

For detailed explanation please refer to the licensing doc below:

Thanks a lot for your helpful answer. :slight_smile:

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Hy @Cedric_Klein,

I am glad you could find the answer you need. Please mark this question as solved.


Hi @Cedric_Klein
2 & 1 is no of bot you got for each type ,

Attended robot means : this type of robots design when human interaction required , robot cannot be run automatically or through orchestrator and also this kind of robot cannot self login of windows.

UNATTENDED robot means : this kind of robot can be trigger itself and also can schedule/run through orchestrator and will automatically loging to windows when its lock,

Relevant license manage by orchestrator so you can create many if you want on any machine but to connect or province attended robot you must have disconnect previous loging that your license number
Eg if u have 1 attended loging
You have already connected to machine A
Then u wanna connect machine B
So you have to disconnect machine A first

For modetails