Shared folder not exist

Hi, I have problem save as new file using studio. Here i provide an image comparison when i do manually and using robot.

On the left side i manually save the file. On the right side i save the file using studio.
As what u can see, on the right side for shared folder not appear like left side.

Can anyone help me. Thanks


Hi @liyana,

One solution, used by me for this kind of issue, is to use the Type Into activity to insert the path into the File name filed, as follows:


The text provided within the Type Into activity should be the absolute path of your file. For more details about path formats, refer to

It doesn’t matter whether the shared folder appears or not on the left side.

Please let me know if it helps you
Best regards,

I’m already used Type Into activity and it’s not working


What is the error message?
Could you please share the part of the sequence where you are trying to use the type into activity and it’s not working?

Thank you

The error message in the first image i post which is on right side.

Thank you


What about using Write CSV activity instead of using all those On Element Appear activities?

Moreover, could you please use the Path Exists activity in order to check whether the Path Directory do you want to use exists?

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Use a make directory activity with pathname as argument before:

Hello @liyana,

Based on the screenshots you posted, does not appear that you see with the robot all the drives/paths.

Maybe is a permission issue? Did you open the UiPath Studio with the same user as the one used on the left side?

First of all, you might need to check if via Studio you can access the P drive or the shared path.

Also, as in the previous comments, you might need to check first if the folder exist/is accessible before the Save As activity.

Might help.