Folder Path does not exist


I am trying to create a new folder using UiPath, however, the error prompts me saying that the folder path does not exist.
How do I solve this?


Hi @Shannon_Quek

Use the path exist activity, it will retrieve a boolean value, then in a if condition validate the value, based on that rename or not the folder
like this

Also remember to pass the correct folder path, in this case we can search the folder we want to rename and then right click the folder and copy the path, pass this path to the Folder property of rename folder activity, in the new name value just write the new name, without the path just the new name



Looks like the path provided by you is not present…please use correct path…

If you can procide some screenshots it would be more helpful


Hi @Shannon_Quek

First Use Folder Exists to see whether folder exists or not. Save it an variable and its datatype will be Boolean. Use an If Condition to create the folder based on below condition. I have shared the screenshot for your reference.

Hope it helps!!