Studio is saying folder location does not exist but it does?

I am trying to write a new CSV to a file location and studio is telling me the file location does not exist…
here is the kicker, I have used the exact same activity, and the exact same file folder and the exact same address syntax with the exception of a different name in a different automation and this method works fine…

Hi @Nathan_Betters1

Give a try right clicking the file, then select copy as path, pass this to the write csv activity



The error shows your input path is incorrect (including wrong character such as colon) (combined 2 file paths?)
Can you check your input string?



I am trying to create a file, which as I stated in a different automation this exact write csv activity worked just fine…(same folder path too)

Nope, gotta agrree with @Yoichi here. You concatenated the destination folder twice instead of a proper filename. Just redo your output folder.

OH MY GOSH… I cant believe I looked at that 80 times!

You know what they say… 81st time is the charm…


FYI, this matter may be same cause of the following topic.


The problem here was solved, the path was incorrect.