Shared Clipboard Issue


We are currently running multiple robots(VDI) on single machine. Everything is working good except all the bots are sharing same clipboard (ie of local OS). Is there any way that each VDI can have their own clipboard, as sharing of clipboard is causing issue at times.



Can you try this on each VDI?

Run (Windows Key + R) “gpedit.msc”

Then navigate the folder structure that way

Local Computer Policy → Computer Configuration →
Administrative Templates → Windows Components → Terminal Services → Client/Server data
redirection-> Do not allow clipboard redirection.


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Hi Florent,

Thank you for the response.
I follow the steps but found that ‘Terminal Service’ folder is missing from the list. I think it is blocked by the Client’s IT Team.

Is there any other method to solve this issue?


Found it here on my Work computer.
Can you try this path ? (Remote desktop services folder is subfolder on windows components.)


@Florent: i changed this setting but still i am able to copy data from that VDI to local or other VDI

Try Restarting the VDI’s, it think it is required to be applied.


I restarted VDI couple of times. Setting is set to ‘Enable’,but it is still allowing copy and paste.

Can you check if the clipboard checkbox is checked/Grey?