I need to connect to RDP session and copy_paste a file in my machine and then disconnect RDP

Hi Team,

From my local machine, I am connecting to the RDP session and using the UiPath studio from this RDP VM(Let’s call it Development Machine).

Now, I am creating a flow, such that, I am connecting to another 4 servers (Let’s call them server A, B, C, D).

When I RDP into server A, I want to copy this file(Let’s call it file A) and paste in my Development server and then disconnect Server A.

Same will be done for all the 4 servers.

Finally I will have the 4 files (File A, File B, File C and File D) in my Development machine.

Please help me here:- How do I copy and paste the files in the Development in a most efficient way??

Thanks and Regards,
@hacky (NotHacker)

Create a common network share / ftp site / some place that they can all connect to and drop off the file in question.

Another option would be in your Remote Desktop Connection configuration, you can share local drives so they are mapped on the remote machine. Found under the Local Resources tab, More… within the Local devices and resources section.