SFDC case actions

Hi all though gone trough the basic training , just joined the forum … could not find much about sales force automation … please refer if any link for training of Sales Force

could you be more specific about your sale force requirement?
I assume there are couple of posts available in the forum.

Hi @ddpadil , thank you for response ,really need help on this

Exmp my first search is case num - A123 , it will be searchable and I can click as well in the list of many cases.

Now Console is open and I am trying to search B456 case but in selector it will include previous case number in Selector, pastin related screenshots below

Case No 593228 is already open , in search option i am typing 606459 but doesnt work.

On type into search box for 2nd mentioned case below is the selector


First Case search opened and cliked

Next Case

looks like title is a dynamic attribute .
Try using wildcard * in place of
Case No 538161.
Ex: title=‘Search:*- console’

I had tried already and aware of the concept…
Is there any other way

Are yor getting selector not found exception or it just don’t type in the search box ?
It’s just a matter of finding reliable selector . Please make use of UIExplorer to get more reliable selector . Try adding parent class attribute . (Just remove title and try ).
Above method should work.
If issue still persist please use IE browser which is more compatible than chrome .

@ddpadil and @Aditipatil

I had used Send hot key and pass case number in Variable… could help for small solution check if it can work for you.

Keep posting if you do more on SFDC


Not sure use of send hot key here.
You suppose to pass in type into activity .