Salesforce and Uipath - Selector for dynamic field

Hi my name is Fabio and i’m a fan of Uipath and also a new developer user.
i need support for my small project with salesforce, i need to identify the correct selector for a dynamic input field.

From XLS files i’ve to insert data into a specific area for each projects selected.
Here a screenshot of the specific area within a project:

the interesting field is Data which have the following selector:
<html app=‘chrome.exe’ />

<webctrl id=‘j_id0:j_id420:j_id421:j_id541:maturato:j_id637:j_id638:j_id639:4*’ tableCol=‘2’ tag=‘INPUT’ colName=‘Data’ isleaf=‘1’ name=‘j_id0:j_id420:j_id421:j_id541:maturato:j_id637:j_id638:j_id639:4:j_id642’ parentclass=‘dateInput dateOnlyInput’ parentid=‘j_id0:j_id420:j_id421:j_id541:maturato:j_id637:j_id638:j_id639:4:j_id641’ parentname=‘j_id0:j_id420:j_id421:j_id541’ tableRow=‘6’ title=‘Progetto: AQ 2018_Legacy ~ Salesforce - Unlimited Edition’ type=‘text’ />

in a different project within salesforce, if i go to the same field called Data i’ve a different selector:

<html app=‘chrome.exe’ />

<webctrl id=‘j_id0:j_id420:j_id421:j_id541:maturato:j_id637:j_id638:j_id639:3*’ tableCol=‘2’ tag=‘INPUT’ colName=‘Data’ isleaf=‘1’ name=‘j_id0:j_id420:j_id421:j_id541:maturato:j_id637:j_id638:j_id639:3:j_id642’ parentclass=‘dateInput dateOnlyInput’ parentid=‘j_id0:j_id420:j_id421:j_id541:maturato:j_id637:j_id638:j_id639:3:j_id641’ parentname=‘j_id0:j_id420:j_id421:j_id541’ tableRow=‘5’ title=‘Progetto: AQ 2018_SubGenya ~ Salesforce - Unlimited Edition’ type=‘text’ />

so because the ID is different for the same field from each projects, i’ve decided to modify the selector like the following:

<html app=‘chrome.exe’ />

<webctrl id=‘j_id0:j_id420:j_id421:j_id541:maturato:j_id637:j_id638:j_id639:’ tableCol=‘2’ tag=‘INPUT’ colName=‘Data’ isleaf=‘1’ name='j_id0:j_id420:j_id421:j_id541:maturato:j_id637:j_id638:j_id639::j_id642’ parentclass=‘dateInput dateOnlyInput’ parentid=‘j_id0:j_id420:j_id421:j_id541:maturato:j_id637:j_id638:j_id639:*:j_id641’ parentname=‘j_id0:j_id420:j_id421:j_id541’ type=‘text’ />

unfortunatly it doesn’ work,

how can i solve the issue? Can you please support me?

thank you

Use the below selector.

<html app=‘chrome.exe’ />

<webctrl id=‘j_id0:j_id420*’ tag=‘INPUT’ colName=‘Data’ parentclass=‘dateInput dateOnlyInput’ title=‘ProgettoSalesforce*’ type=‘text’ />

Hi vivek, thank you so much for your support…i wrote based on what you posted but it’s not valideted from UI Explorer and then unfortunatly it doesn’t work: :frowning:

if i go to setup again from scratch the selector to the same field “Data” i’ve what the following:

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Hi @Ghetto, Open the selector and use attach to live element option. It will take care of rest. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Fabio,

We have a new package for Salesforce integration - SalesForceAPI Toolkit that will work in background using salesforce API. You won’t need selectors anymore and the automation should run much faster and easier to implement. Give it a try!

Best regards

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Hi @Vivek_Arunagiri thank you so much but in UiPath 2018.3.2 have not the LIVE ELEMENT clickeable within UI Explorer (selector).

Hi @Silviu thank you so much, i’ve downloaded and this toolkit is very interesting…i need to study how it will connect to our live environment of salesforce, anyway is it work also with custom page and custom field?

About Selector way, do you have any other ideas?

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Hi @Vivek_Arunagiri your feedback was correct, i changed the browser from chroome to Explorer and it works fine.

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Great. :slightly_smiling_face: Please mark the solution as solved.

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