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Hello Everyone,

I have pulled a report in salesforce and pasting the casenumber into the search bar I am displayed the casenumber.

I run an “excel for each row” from the report.

How do I tell StudoX that this is just the placeholder for the casenumber so the next casenumber is a different one but still in the same place?

Not sure if you can use the screenshot with some HTML values?

I’ve read a bit on the forum and it seems that I need a dynamic selctor, or?

Hope you can help me.

Can you elaborate i am not able to understand the issue you are facing.
If is regarding getting the " href " of some fix place in web, use “Get Attribute Activity”.

Hi Bilal,

Thank you for your response.

Sorry for not explaining properly.

Maybe the screenshot was overkill.

My issue is that I can insert into StudioX hat it must click the “work order number”, but this is a static work order number (see attached picture)

However, when I then at another time make a new report with a new work order number, Studio X cannot find the “old” work order number that was the one I designated it to click.

So, I’m looking for how to have StudioX just click any number in that place that comes up when I do the search.

Hope I have been able to clarify a bit more.


when you point to select the selector you will have a settings option there on that green zone to view/edit the selector. there you can edit the selector to use wildcards

Hi StudioX,

Thank you again for taking your time to help me.

I was wondering where these wildcards were to be put in and with your help I found it.

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