Want to retrieve next case id

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I have some 388 case ids in an application and want to go through all the case ids one by one. i.e by clicking a case id and editing some information and again clicking on an another case id. Could you please provide any idea.

It will like

Case id

I need to click on each case id which is open.


You can try and extract all the Case IDs and put them in a list then loop through the list to click each one.




There are ID-s that are the same, so you should put idx in your selector, not only the aaname property. So extract the datatable. Use For Each Row activity, and for the Click activity inside it, use a string variable as Selector. Put the items selector in that variable, and the index that is changing could be another variable, that is changing in the For Each.


Assign Index=0 at the beginning
For each ROW in ExtractedDT
Assign Selector= … (here comes the selector that contains the variable Index and ROW.Item(“Case id”) as well - if needed)
Click Selector=Selector

Hi everyone,
I am not able to extract it as data table and trying to retrieving the case ids from sales force tool. Please find how it looks in web in the following web page. If anyone could provide xaml file about retrieving the case ids it would be great help.


in live it is displaying some hundreds of case ids. i need to retrieve each case id agains it status and work it out. If xaml file provided it would be of great help for me. Thank you again.

What do you get if you try to find selectors with UiExplorer?

It says the aaname = 00001008. I changed the aaname =* but it clicks on only first case id and not looping to the next one.

Just check my solution with a random wikipedia page. The logic has to solve your problem.
Main.xaml (13.3 KB)

I checked the data scrapping but it does not take all the case ids listed. just taking the first one. Is there any other alternative.


Hi @dna. Thank you very much, It gave me an idea how to complete my task. I have an another doubt i.e how to read enum index from the for each activity. i am able to see all the items in the enum but want to save second and fifth index to a variable.

@TimK Thank you for your idea and it helped me a lot

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hi bala

Could you please help me on this.


HI @Boopathi,

I hope that you have the case ids in the datatable . as usual have to use the for loop. But to edit the information you have to use the invoke workflow activity . Mean the create new workflow like editInfor.xaml. You have to send the parameter the case id to the flow. Use attach window . if possible share the xmal in the form or message.

Already I have implemented this concept in the below


No problem, what are you able to extract from the website?

You could build the selector and give the aaname=item.ToString


Hi I used find children activity and able to extract the info I need. Could you please let me know how to get the particular enum value I need from the for each loop. I have attached the screenshot in the same post.