Computer Vision - HELP

People, good afternoon.

I am in the middle of UiPath training yet, but I was put on an automation project using computer vision technology.

I’m a little lost, but for this type of automation you need a linux server installed, is that right? According to this material:

My scenario is as follows:

The target of automation is a registration system that I access via a virtual machine provided by the customer (Citrix) and in this environment, the process to be automated runs on a website built in flash.

Any tips on how to structure this process and the environment?

if you are using community edition then you dont need to install anything…


I’m using the Community Edition.

Do you have any idea of ​​the reason for the error?

sorry but you did not show us any error…

I’m sorry @bcorrea.

As I said at the beginning, I am in a virtual machine provided by the client with Uipath studio running in this environment, when trying to select the site page for automation, the following error appears:


In the properties tab, I already put the key value.

well, this is better :slight_smile: check connectivity from the machine to the CV server, maybe some firewall is blocking…


It has reached the sweet spot.

What is this CV server? I confess that I had not heard, I read the article here on the site, but it did not help me so much. Could you give me a summary?

the one you provided the URL there -->


I did not enter any URL, I did not configure any type of server.


Actually I didn’t understand the reason for having one or how to set it up, could you give me a summary?

This is just a forum… you should go look for training and documentation, and then after if you go into trouble we can help…