If i want deploy a local computer vision how can i get UiPathCVService.msi and License for Server

Aftet install UiPath Computer Vision application on your machine how i get the license .Does CV need to be charged for local deployment?

Welcome to the UiPath community @Yang_Yang1

if this is for Enterprise → CV license needs to be bought separately

If this is for Community → There is a free trial available, you can visit the cloud orchestrator, go to admin section and get the CV key from there.

Thanks for your timely reply. The following questions need to be confirmed:
1.Uipath community version does not support CV local deployment. You can only log in to the Cloud Orchestrator to obtain the CV key for trial use, right?
2.Uipath Enterprise version supports local deployment but needs to purchase CV license separately, right?
3. If I want to deploy local CV using Uipath Enterprise version, what is the quotation for CV license? Where can I view CV License quotation information?

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