Orchestrator API - Change transaction status

Is there any way to change the transaction status of a specific queue item via Orchestrator API?


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I really want to know this solution too.

Hello @Jeremy_Deceuster, The typical way to update the status of a queue item is by using the UiPath Orchestrator web interface. You can manually process or update queue items by marking them as “Successful,” “Failed,” or “Abandoned” based on the outcome of the transaction.

If you need to automate the updating of queue item status programmatically, you can consider the following approach:

Use the Orchestrator API to retrieve the queue items using the “Get Queue Items” endpoint. You can filter the items based on criteria like Reference, Status, etc., to find the specific queue item you want to update.

Once you have identified the queue item you want to change, you can handle the processing logic in your automation based on certain conditions.

After processing the item, you can update the queue item’s status programmatically in your automation script, but not directly through the Orchestrator API. For example, you can use an HTTP request activity in UiPath to perform a PATCH request to a custom endpoint in your Orchestrator to update the status. You would need to build a custom integration or middleware to handle such updates securely.