Set status to datatable when it matches the transaction ID

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I am creating a datatable with the data from the orchestrator queue(Only new items), the data table includes “EEID”, “TicketID” and “Status”(this last one is empty because it is not in the queue, however, based on business rules, when processing a transaction ID(EEID) I want to write the status(Sucess, failed, LOA or HireError) in the row that matches the EEID It is processing…makes sense?

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Luis V.

@luisvv93 You’ll note that the transaction statuses are pretty rigid. I.E. You can’t set a final status for the transaction - its either Successful or Failed. This is b/c the status is for the transaction itself, not any logic behind what the transaction is for.

That being said, you can change the “Transaction Error” data and can set the “details”, error type “Business or Application” and a “Reason”

So, you could set your transaction to
Status: Failed
Error Type: Business
Reason: HireError

Good info here:

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Thank you very much, it sounds good, i’ll check that info.

Thanks again!!

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