Transaction status is always "Success" but i want to be the status "In Progress"

I am using a process in which the condition is Accept and Send to Employee. Accept status is always successful. In send to Employee condition en email is sent to employee with the transaction number. So i want to change the status to “In Progress” and also with a custom message that data is incorrect etc. I am using “Set Transaction Progress” activity but when i run the status is “Successful”. Here is the screenshot of the process.

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Hope this could help you:

I suppose that you are using a set transaction status Successful after the set transaction progress.
Set transaction progress activity helps you create custom progress statuses for your In Progress transactions. Custom progress statuses are only displayed while an item has the InProgress status. Once the transaction is performed then the transaction status should be Failed or Successful.

If the data is incorrect why don’t you set up the transaction status to Failed with Business Error Type and your custom message as the reason of the issue?

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Thanks @Susana yeah it makes sense that make the transaction status to failed with business error but when the transaction is send to employee so employee will review and after that employee will decide that it will be failed or successful so that’s why i want to make it in progress.