Set Console Session Resolution In VMWare

How to set Console Session Resolution in VMWare?

Issue Description

For Unattended automations where login to console is enabled and set to true, if a custom resolution is specified, the Robot Service may or may not be able to set the resolution. For Console sessions, the resolution setting is dependent on what is supported by the hardware of the VM. As such the VM may not support the specified resolution.

This is why its highly recommended to use RDP sessions. In those scenarios there is no restriction on resolution. In the case of VMware, VMware tools can be used to set the resolution if needed and an RDP session is not feasible.


  1. On the VM, running the following command in an automation can be used to set the resolution:
    1. VMwareResolutionSet.exe 0 1 , 0 0 <y value> <x value>
    2. i.e. VMwareResolutionSet.exe 0 1 , 0 0 1900 1600
    3. See Increasing virtual machine display resolution to a custom resolution beyond the maximum resolution listed in Microsoft Windows
    4. Note: The spacing in the command is important and its easy to make typos.
  2. If the above does not work, check the video memory setting of the VM in vSphere. For example a setting of 4MB wont work for the resolution in the above example. However 18MB would work.
  3. If the command is not working, its recommended to open a ticket with VMWare.
  4. From the UiPath side, we can help explain the issue. So if reaching out to support make sure to reproduce the issue and then capture the Robot Event Viewer logs: How To Get Application Logs from The Event Viewer? .