Update Resolution Settings For Robot - Runtime Screen Resolution

How to make resolution changes for sessions created by UiPath Robot?

Troubleshooting Steps:

Note: These approaches will not take into consideration any scaling.

For smooth execution of Foreground activities in Unattended automation, follow these troubleshooting steps. Add a Log Message Activity with the following Message, run the Robot, and note the settings logged:

"The primary screen resolution is: " + System.Windows.SystemParameters.PrimaryScreenWidth.ToString + " x " + System.Windows.SystemParameters.PrimaryScreenHeight.ToString

Logout from the Robot VM for robot user before triggering the process from Orchestrator. Make sure that there is no manual session active on the machine for Robot user.

Approach #1: Adjust Robot Settings

Ensure that RDP session is generated by Robot user while the process is triggered from Orchestrator so that custom resolution can be passed.

Please follow below steps:
1. Login to Orchestrator
2. Go to the Robot Settings
3. Turn on "Login To Console" setting and enable by clicking dimmed switch.
4. Set "Login To Console" to No.
4. Set "Resolution Width" and "Resolution Height" to the values written in the execution log.
5. Click Update.


Approach #2: Adjust UiPath.Settings File

Note that local system and administrator rights are required to modify these settings. Also, any settings defined in Approach 1 will override settings in Approach 2.

The UiPath.Settings file is stored in the %localappdata%\UiPath\ folder when the Robot is deployed in user mode, and %programdata%\UiPath\ when the Robot is deployed in service mode.

Login to the Robot machine.

  1. Open UiPath.settings
    1. User Mode
    2. Service Mode
  2. Note the Resolution Width and Height written to the log and update:
    1. ResolutionWidth
    2. ResolutionHeight to the values written in the execution log.
    3. Also update LoginToConsole to false (lowercase f)
  3. Restart the Service (Run -> services.msc -> Uipath Robot -> Restart)


  • Make sure to logoff / Sign off from the Robot machine rather than disconnecting.
  • Remove Log Message Activity used to determine resolution.
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