How to set resolution on Virtual Machines, with default Login to Console

What’s best practice for resolution on VMs?

In Orchestrator->Manage Access, we set our RPA-user to use Login to Console = Yes (Default).
This will use the VMs default resolution, which is 1024x768.
We want 1920x1200 (because of some legacy flows using JS site).

If we set Login to Console to No, then the set resolution will work fine.
But here’s the problem, Login to Console = No is intended for HD (High Density) robots,
and it seems that Orchestrator may start two processes at the same time on one machine!
We only want to run one process at a time.

Why? You shouldn’t. By logging into console you can only run one job at a time on that server. You usually do not want your robots to log into console.

It’s not only intended for high density robots. I’m not sure where you got that information. Login to console set to no is the normal configuration for running unattended automations.

That’s a good thing.


Login To Console: " By default, this is set to Yes . To enable High-Density Robots, set the value to No ."

It means you can run one job at a time on the VM, not the whole server.
We want one process running on a VM at a time, because the RPA works in the GUI (Web browser).
We have 4 VMs, so we can run 4 processes in parallel.

A VM is a server.

I don’t know who wrote that, but it’s nonsense. I’m talking from real-world experience.

You don’t want to be using login to console. You WANT to be able to run multiple automations on a server at one time. Working in the GUI is irrelevant. You can work in the GUI without being logged into the console. This is literally the point to RDP sessions.

Since we want custom resolution we’re now using Login to Console = No.

You want only one running process per VM.
Console is the VM, a server can have typically 4 VMs running at one time.

We’re having a weird problem still, with processes not starting. It seems the sessions are not logged off properly. Wondering if the user session is active or not
Windows Sessions

WHY? This is inefficient.

No, console vs non-console is about Windows and RDP. Think in terms of if it were a physical server. Console is if you walk up to the keyboard and log in. The console is the Windows you session see in a physical monitor connected to the physical server. It’s Windows session 0. Non-console is a virtual session, ie RDP. Same for a VM, virtual server. There is still a console session (session 0) in Windows, but only one.

Did you install UiPath Robot in service mode?

Have humans logged in with the robot accounts? If so, they have to SIGN OUT, not just close the RDP window.

Thanks for the link. We installed in service mode and also log off if we remote into the VM.
The error is “Waiting for execution to start…”, and it never start. Are there error/event logs on cloud?

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