Services tab keeps provisioning

Dear All,

I would like to finish the advanced developer course with my community access, but I have some issues with Orchestrator. I hope you can help.

What I would like to do is to start at Orchestrator Training Instructions and then follow what I see in the Lesson Orchestrator 2018.3 - Video Part 1 training.

When I go to the Orchestrator Training Instructions page and then go to as it is suggested there, I see the following screen. I have tried many things here.

I can log in, but I see the screen above.If I am correct I should click on my name and it should bring up the further options like the Robots tab and so on, but I cannot do it, it’s not clickable and it shows that the status is provisioning and it’s like that since Tuesday.

I could log in at all probably because my linked in email address is the same as my academy email address but it doesn’t help it seems.

I thought it will use my RPA Academy name and password but it didn’t work.

So I thought, hey, I might try the Forgot Password button, who knows, maybe the system is just stuck. Looked like I have user already, the page wrote that I will get a password reset email. (8 hours have passed, nothing happened, no spams.

Okay, since I haven’t received any password reset emails I realized that I might need to sign up. Great, let’s do it! And now I am waiting, and waiting, just like in the case of password reset. I have added the required information and “Signing up…” it says and nothing happens, it’s frozen. I have tried 4 different desktop browsers (including Chrome) and apart from IE which is not supported Edge, Chrome, and Firefox were all the same, keep signing me up.

Am I supposed to be able to use Orchestrator at all or should I just bother the Studio?

Thank you in advance.


Hi Richard, ponts now to the new released Cloud Platform and we are in the process of updating the course also. Here is a short introduction video showing the main features and functionalities:

Now, regarding your issue. Please note that for now only Chrome browser is fully supported, so please use that one to access the Cloud Platform. You managed to login with Linkedin, so no need to register again. I can see from your screenshot that your service (which is the Orchestrator) has the Provisioning status. Please let me know if it changed to Enabled. It should look like this:

Then, the name of the service should become clickable. In your case, please check if RichardDefault is clickable. If it’s not, please let me know. If it’s clickable, make sure to click on the three dots menu - Edit and add Robot licenses to your Orchestrator instance.

TL;DR: Please login -> check the status of your instance -> check if the instance name is clickable and then follow the instructions above.


Dear Ovi,

Thank you for the quick response. I have checked the platform in Chrome as well. Fortunately, I was able to connect. Unfortunately, my status is still Provisioning. Can you please help what can we do as a next step? Thank you in advance.


Dear All,

Sorry for bothering, I am just worried about finishing the developer exam by 30th June. If I cannot make it, probably I will lose the chance of doing it for free. But I cannot do it without a proper Orchestrator platform access which I don’t have at the moment. Do you think there is a way to change my status from ‘Provisioning’?

Thank you in advance.



Don’t worry bro. They are extending date till 30th September 2019.

@richard.miko Developer certificate course end date is postponed here is a Link

Dear All,

Thank you for the answer.
However, it still solves only half of my problem, my status still shows ‘Provisioning’. Do you know if it is possible to change that? Thanks in advance.


Dear All,

Is there any update? I cannot proceed with anything, I cannot continue to learn.
Is there anyone who can help?

Thank you.


Hi @richard.miko

Please contact our Cloud Platform team for support here:

It looks like a glitch.

Hi @richard.miko,

Apologies on the issue. We are currently investigating the issue. To unblock yourself, you can signup for a new UiPath Cloud platform account using a different email id and start using that.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Hi @richard.miko, Could you please try to SignUp again with the same ID and check if you are able to access the Service.