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Orchestrator CE


Orchestrator CE

A new beast is out… Orchestrator CE -

CE users will have their own free Orchestrator and two free/CE robots can be connected to it. As is, without guarantee :slight_smile:.

  • Docs here
  • Release Notes here
  • Academy Training for 2016.2 is out in preview

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Important Note
As of now all the packages you’re uploading are tenant shared. To make it private

  • delete the Deployment URL** setting or
  • create your own private feed.

To create and use your own private feed go to and create one which will be pasted to deployment settings. Using an API key / private myget feed is mandatory.


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Do you have a small guide how to use the Orchestrator CE?


@Alex_b Please follow this user guide.


I could provision a robot on the Orchestrator CE -( Then gave the robot key and other necessary details in the local machine, but after connecting I’ve been getting the following error in the local machineimage. What could be the reason for this?






What does this mean? The I’m trying to create my first process in orchestrator. The package drop-down is populated with items I have not anything to do with. There must be about 100 items on the list


The Orchestrator CE is a shared environment and drop down with processes also includes processes from other people / trainees.

My recommendation is to name your files, processes, robots, packages etc in such a way that you can easily recognize them.


Is Orchestrator CE online only? Or is it possible to run it locally on a server?


How can I use Orchestrator as login page is asking for Tenant, user name and password. Where do I get these 3 values and provide document for this to follow people like me.



During the Orchestrator training (level 2) you will get introduced to Orchestrator and its features. In that training it is also explained how to register a (free) tenant at

Please follow the steps below in order to create a new tenant in the Orchestrator training environment.
Go to and click the Become a new tenant button.

Fill in the required fields using your information: name, surname, email address, and password (can be different).

Click the Become a tenant button and wait. This will become your own instance of the UiPath Orchestrator (tenant). You are automatically logged in to this tenant.

With one instance of Orchestrator, the multi tenancy feature enables you to define a custom number of tenants and have all the data (logs, reports, etc.) isolated for each  individual tenant (or customer). You can read more about this on

Advanced Training(Academy 2) - Assignment 1 Getting Credentials Error

Thank you. It worked. Somehow, I missed this explanation in Orchestrator training (level 2).