Servicenow Packages difference?


Can anyone explain the difference between these two packages?
UiPath.ServiceNow.Activities and UiPathTeam.Servicenow.Activities.
When and where we use these packages?
Which one is more efficient?

Thanks in advance…

UiPathTeam, I’m using it in my daily work - it has a lot more options :slight_smile: - a different set of activities for different types of tickets.

Also, you can scan tickets to get info for your query, and the query is based on SQL syntax.

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Hello Swetha,
For my connector (more than 30.000 downloads) you have 25 videos here:

If you don’t want to use any activity check these movies:

Cristian Negulescu

Thank you

Hello Cristian,

I need another information regarding O365 Connector.
Is O365 Connector available in UiPath?

Thanks in Advance…

Any update on this?

I’m not an expert on O365. On the marketplace you can find this complex connector:

and I have a video about Outlook:

Thank you Cristian…