ServiceNow vs. Connector for ServiceNow packages?

We are embarking on a new UiPath integration with ServiceNow and I am a bit confused as to the direction we should go.

I see two different custom activities packages created by UiPath in the marketplace for SNOW: A “ServiceNow” package and a “Connector for Service Now”. Has anyone had experience with these two packages? Wondering which one might be the better package to integrate with? Pros/cons?

The “ServiceNow” package looks like a preview? Is that suggesting UiPath will be adding this to a GA release in the near future?

Thanks in advance.

Tom Clukay

Dear @tclukay,

I used both the packages 1 package is created by Cristian and other by someone else but as on working experience both the packages are working fine. there is some difference in configuration and some properties value but both the packages are safe to use.

Let me know in case you will need further detail.

I have created some of the video on service now integration with Uipath. If you are interested will share with you.


Hi all!

I hope you are well.

We have been on a rather lengthy journey trying to automate ServiceNow within our organisation using UiPath and we have faced many challenges, like API restrictions (this ranges from not being able to use the package because of permission issues all the way to the number of API calls made per minute\hour\day), front end automation is what we ended up going with as an interim solution.

Some of the considerations might include:

  • Using either package (which most likely uses the API) would result in very little selector issues (if any). It would also allow for much faster access to data as well as executing actions faster
  • API access does come with certain limits, depending on the actions you’d like to execute. It is important to consider this when mapping out the process and tasks involved (in conjunction with the use case)
  • Ensure that there are no restrictions placed on the account (like for example, being able to create requests through the backend but not incidents or vice versa)
  • Size of the organisation, size of data set and number of users on the platform also contribute as factors that should be taken into consideration

Like I said, we ended up going with the front end automation as an interim due to the restrictions that we have run into.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any more questions!

Thank you very much Jacqui for this information… very well thought out. Hopefully this will help shorten our own research and development period!

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FYI that the package at is the official one and is on version 1.1 already. If there is anything you are trying to do but not able to do, please let us know. This is for connecting from a UiPath robot to ServiceNow.

The ServiceNow connector allows the other direction, to go from ServiceNow to a UiPath robot.

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