ServiceNow UiPath activates - problem with receiving data

Hi all,
Currently, I’m facing a problem with ServiceNow activities by UiPath.

  1. I created a connection via Integration Service.
  2. I got a redirect URL set for my app registration.
  3. In the studio I picked the correct connection from the connection list.

The problem is that I cannot use any activity in it, for every pick of Object I’m getting this:
API is not blocked as UiPathTeam ServiceNow activities are working fine.

Any idea what to do in this case?

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@Pablito @loginerror
Sorry for tagging you but maybe one of you would know what to do?

Hi @Mikolaj_Zielinski

I’ve had a look, but I don’t have sufficient experience in this activity package. I informed the team behind it to have a look and see what might be wrong.

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Could you try creating another temporary connection and report if the errors occurs again against the new connection?

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@Mikolaj_Zielinski It looks like the account that you are using doesn’t have access to most of the ServiceNow objects. Maybe the admin can control what’s visible, readable, editable etc. by the users in their account? So, can you also check with your Admin, whether you have access to these tables or not?

You can also check by logging-in to the servicenow site and check if you are able to view these tables and if you are able to read those table’s content (as shown in the screenshot).

Also, the ServiceNow tableNames are fetched dynamically in the activities i.e. they are fetched at run time based on the account’s access/permission. Hence, you should be seeing those tables only if you has ws_access on them and only if they are not views. The vendor API returns all the tables from sys_db_object and we are filtering out views and tables that don’t have ws_access . Hence, if you can share the metadata of 1 table that you are trying to access from the data dictionary sys_db_object then we can compare it against our sandbox to determine the root cause.

Otherwise, an alternative approach would require us to first check the logs in order to see how the API request is being made to ServiceNow. For that, you would have to share a very recent Request ID.

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Hey, will try on Monday - should i open ticket for this?

Hey, good point I will check with them directly :slight_smile: