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I just wanted to ask if somebody would know which is the service which connects with the orchestrator? What’s is the name and the path?

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The service that connects with the Orchestrator in UiPath is called the “UiPath Robot” service. The name of the service can vary slightly based on the version of UiPath, but it is commonly known as “UiRobot” or “UiPath Robot.”

The path to the service executable depends on the installation location of UiPath Robot on your machine. By default, it is typically located in the following directory:

  • For Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\UiRobot.exe or C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\UiRobotSvc.exe

Please note that the installation path might vary depending on the version and installation settings you used.

The UiPath Robot service is responsible for establishing the connection between the UiPath Robot and the Orchestrator. It manages the communication and data exchange between the robot and the Orchestrator server to execute automation processes and receive instructions from the Orchestrator.

If you need to check the status or manage the UiPath Robot service, you can do so using the “Services” application on Windows. To access it, press Windows + R, type services.msc, and press Enter. In the list of services, you should find the “UiRobot” or “UiPath Robot” service, where you can start, stop, or restart it if needed.


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Hi @Estefania_Cabrera_Exposit

In UiPath, the service responsible for connecting with UiPath Orchestrator is called the “UiPath Robot” service. This service is installed on the machine where the robot is running and acts as a bridge between the machine and the Orchestrator, allowing communication and data exchange.

The path to the UiPath Robot service executable depends on the installation and the version of UiPath. On a typical Windows installation, the UiPath Robot service executable can be found in the “C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio” directory.

Here are the steps to locate the UiPath Robot service executable:

  1. Open File Explorer on your machine.

  2. Navigate to the “C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio” directory.

  3. Look for a file named “UiRobot.exe”. This is the executable file for the UiPath Robot service.

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