Could not find UiPath Robot Services

“message”: “Add Queue Item: Orchestrator information is not available. Please check if UiPath Robot Service is started.”,

HI @Rakesh_Sampath,

Run-> services.msc->enter then start the UiRobot services.


Arivu :slight_smile:

Hi @Rakesh_Sampath,

Go to the connected robot machine you configured in Orchestrator. Go to Run ->Type: services.msc, and check if UiPath Robot service is running. It should be running in order to execute a job from orchestrator.


To expand on the answers already provided

Start UiRobot Service

  1. Open Services from your Windows Start Menu
  2. Find UiPath Robot in the Services list
  3. Ensure the Service is started, if not ClickStart the service

Alternatively, you can run it from the command line. Run Command prompt as administrator (or select Yes to the UAC when prompted.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio\UiRobot.exe" --restart

(Your installation path may be different if installed with the exe package, instead of the MSI.)