Sending Periodic Alert Email " Mail Failed For Tenant '1' "

Issue sending email alert notifications: Sending periodic alert mail mail failed for tenant "1" and users "USERID,"System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null.

This was a bug in 2021.10.0 when Use default credentials was checked, and solved in 2021.10.2 , see release note for details.

However if Use default credentials is disabled, the error occurs in case of missing SMTP configuration.

  1. Make sure that Test mail can be sent, if that is not the case there may be an issue with SMTP server.
  2. Check the configuration in DB, Identity.Settings:

Above an example of configuration for Host tenant (Partition ID = 1). If any configurations are missing, they need to be corrected from Identity>Management>Global Settings by login to Host Tenant.

Each tenant will have the SMTP configuration in Identity.Settings, If error suggest any other tenant ID check the settings according to PartitionId.

  1. Perform an iisreset .