Sending Outlook Mail Message using Word Document Template as Body

Hi everyone,

I’m currently preparing a process which enable my users to load word document templates in a directory, then writing down the directory on an excel table, with that, the robot will go pick up the process at specific date, and send an email to the person with the EMAIL BODY using word document templates.

Directories of word document templates are given, as my template varies from time to time, therefore the easiest method i thought of was copying a word document and paste the content into the body of an outlook mail message, but i’m looking for a better way to automate this process.

Does anyone have suggestion? My word document templates, have objects such as images, logos, tables, and much formatting, so I’m not very sure if using HTML format is the best for this. My email templates also comes in Word Documents rather than Text File Format.

Appreciate for your reply.


were you able to figure out how to do this ?
this was possible on StudioX, but don’t know how to do this on Studio.
interested to see if you’ve made any progress here.

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