Need help creating outlook email from Word Template


I am trying to use the send outlook mail message activity to send out numerous emails using a word file with a table inside as the configuration template. Would appreciate help on how to get the template to read each row to generate the emails.

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Hi @caitlin.h.hickey

Check this package

This would help you in reading the table which is present in word document

I don’t see this package available anymore. Just see BalaReva.DataTable.Activities

Hi @caitlin.h.hickey ,

Is it possible for you to provide a Sample of the word file or a Screenshot of it ? We would want to check if the Word Document contains only the Table or if there are other data along with it.

Also, If possible could you also show us How the Output Email would need to appear. This way we’ll have a more clear idea on what needs to be done.

I wanted to keep it in a word table because Word preserves the hyperlink to be attached in the email unlike excel. I am willing to transfer it to Excel through the copy paste tool but just haven’t found a good solution for adding in that unique hyperlink for each email receiver.

@caitlin.h.hickey ,

If the mentioned is the only reason, then it would be better to use an Excel sheet for this purpose, as we would be reading the table as a Datatable and processing it, hyperlink would no longer be in that form, it would just be a plain text. The excel would be an easier approach as there are no easier way of extracting tables from word document yet.

Also, you would require to format the Body part into an HTML format so as to able to view the Email in the required format. Here, in your case the use of <a> tag for displaying the hyperlink.

Something in the below way :

Displayed as :

This would also require to keep the IsBodyHtml property to True when sending the emails with the html content.

When using the table in the Excel, format the body part into an HTML content so as benefit the hyperlink display. (There are much more beautifications that you can apply with HTML content).

Let us know if the above suggestion is able to be understood else let us know what you are still in search of.

I checked the IsBodyHtml property, however, I am still getting this response. Does the excel document have to be saved as html?

@caitlin.h.hickey ,
No, That is not needed. We would need to check what you have added in the Excel. Could you show us what was added for this ?

Here is my setup and excel document input