Issues Using Word Document as the Body of an Email

Hello All,

I’m having an issue when using the contents of a Word Document as the body of an email that is composed as a draft by my automation.

While the text of the Word Document smoothly converts to the email body, the table that is copied and pasted from Excel into the Word Document by my automation is not captured in the email body.

Has anyone encountered this?

If you want to use the table in the email body you have to use HTML tags. I think in your case your table values are pasting as a raw string right?

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Have you selected the type as word in send email in studio-X


Hi @agandolfo22,

Have a look on the below thread if that can help you


Thank you all!

I think I may have figured it out.

@pravin kumar: I did, in fact do what you indicated. What I realized was I hadn’t cleared the original values I had in the email body when originally selected “Text” in the Send Email activity.

When I cleared those values and selected to populate the email body from the “Document”, the table pasted into the email as desired.


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