Send outlook emails based on template easily modifiable by business


I would like to create a template that is easily modifiable by business user (i.e. an msg template and not HTML one) and that the bot would pick up, read and send as body of email. Is it possible or can I only create HTML written templates?

Thank you

If you give the text as string instead of HTML, it won’t recognize the new line characters, so it will display the text as a single line @crowdo

You can maintain the template in a HTML format also . store the HTML lines as string in a variable with the dynamic values in the same string and pass it to the body property and make sure IsBodyHTML checked . so the text is dynamic and the template will be used many times

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Ok, thank you for your answer.

However I was wondering if there would be an easier way for the business user to change the template instead of using HTML but it seems that there is not…

Thank you

no, use HTML is the best way. easy to edit without change the logic in studio.

I am not recommended u to use i.e. msg template because if u use it u will have many problem such as “ui element not exist”

Hi Irahmat,
May you instruct how to use HTML way? Thanks so much.


Hi @tram20687,

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Do you want to create HTML format of an existing text or you have the HTML text and want to learn how to use it in Send Outlook Mail activity?

Hi Sarikayaebru,
I have just found out the way to create the HTML email template, thanks so much for your concern.

BTW, actually, I try to create a Robots to send dynamic emails to different email addresses (can be more than one per email) with cc as well as with individual attachments for each email, but still don’t know how to do, May you help me?

Thanks so much
Tram (Ms)

Hi @tram20687

You can use an Excel file to store the email details.

For multiple recipients, put semicolon “;” between each mail address. For the attachment part you can create a variable for input in attachment panel. And assign the value that you read from excel file to this variable.

You can improve/modify this solution for your flow logic.

Hi Sarikayaebru,
Thanks so much for your strong support,
I understand your mentioned. I had the same though, but I’m still stuck.
I want to send to email individual (No.1 & 2). Because I just learned about Uipath 2 months ago, so I don’t have much experience. If you can support more details about activities related to this topic, I will be very grateful.


Can you give more details about your workflow? When do you want to send an email, is there any condition to choose the recipient etc.?

So, if there is a condition you can choose which row you need to use. For example, if case A happens, send and email to recipient No.1 → to get the first row use: myDatatable.Rows(0).Item(“To”).tostring

Dear Sarikayaebru,
Sorry for the late reply
Now I could do it & is checking step by step. If have any concerns, I will inform you to get your support.
Thanks so much for your strong support

Tram (Ms)

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