Sending Outlook eMails

I am currently sending emails using the send Outlook email activity, currently emails are only sent when logged into Outlook (i.e Outlook open), is there a way to send emails (specifying the account to use) without having Outlook open ?

The Outlook application only works when a user is logged into the Outlook and that application is open. If you know your SMTP sever configuration information, you can use that activity to send emails. Alternatively you can you send exchange mail if your organization is using office 365.


If you want to automate Outlook application then Outlook application must be installed in that machine and also it should be online then only you can work with it.

Else you can use other mail activities like Send SMTP Mail activity to trigger mails.

Many Thanks for your replies, we do use Office 365. I will look into the send Exchange Mail and send SMTP Mail activities.

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Hi @Gid,
Currently I face difficulty like you.
and I also use office 365.
if possible, could you share step or xaml file about this case.


Hi @zonda_rugmiaga, I looked at the options and decided to stick with the send Outlook Mail activity as I need to send “on behalf of” emails and that’s not possible with the other options (as far as I could see).