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I have a doubt on Outlook mail activities. We use the Send Outlook Mail meesage activity to send the mail, where we used to face an issue and I remember that mail couldn’t deliver when the outlook application is not running. And once we open the outlook app manually we used to send or receive mails. So, Is it not possible to send mail by BOT when outlook is not in open state by this activity?

And today I have done Configuring the Azure AD for Outlook 365 Automation by following the steps in the link and completed the authentication.

After which I could see that Send outlook mail message activity is working with or without Outlook application running, so I am confused how this activity is working now without even Outlook appliaction running all of a sudden? So can I get some clarification here?

Also our main aim is that BOT should be able to send or read mails with or without outlook application running, so please suggest how we can implement this?

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Office 365 activities would be best option for you as you have the AD application now.
Use Send Mail activity of Office365 to send email.

Use Get Mail activity of Office365 to read emails

This setup will not require Outlook or Office to be installed on the machine.

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Hi @ashokkarale ,

Thanks for your response!

So, with this setup of AD application is it mean that even Send Outlook mail message activity will work with or without Outlook application running on the machine. This is because we have many jobs which were already using the same activity and I want them to run without any issue of the outlook application.

Also as you suggested we will use the Office 365 activities for upcoming processes.


No it will not work as both works differently.

Send Outlook Mail Message works on top of Outlook application only like any other desktop application. Retrieving emails from server, sending, deleting every operation taken care by Outlook.

Whereas, Office 365 activities works directly with Office365 server through API at the backend. It don’t need mediator that is Outlook.

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