Outlook Send email


Does anyone has faced outlook email issue?

we see in the orchestrator log that email has been sent, but we dont receive any email.
when we tried manually we are able to send email. we are using Outlook and send email activity.

Appreciate if someone can share their experience on this.

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Did we try with SEND EXCHANGE MAIL ACTIVITY where we can mention the credentials of outlook

The properties to be mentioned are

The server Usually is “https://outlook.office365.com/EWS/Exchange.asmx”,
username should be “user@company.com”, and mention the password.
in ExchangeVersion, usually latest is good for Office365

But before to that check with outbox in your outlook
Is it showing status as connected online

Cheers @Ashok_Kumar1

Send SMTP Email is simpler and more reliable.


Can you check in the sent items of the outlook box?


How the orchestrator says that the email has been sent, you must be using log message for that, that’s not sufficient to assume activity worked well.

Ideally if it is not working, it should throw error. Please check if ‘Continue on error’ is on for that activity? Check that k properties panel and if checked, par uncheck that selection.

Try on debug mode and check if there’s any error. If you are able to send manually then the password it not an issue. Otherwise, the activity will do its job and proceed but as outlook is waiting for new password to be updated, it’ll make the emails stay on outbox until password is updated for outlook. Par hage a check on the password too.

Also, can you confirm if you have the, enable script action as on?

Below link would help you to get started for settings part.

Hi @Ashok_Kumar1

Were we able to solve this with exchange mail activities