Sending email with Mailgun in UiPath

Hello. Recently I opened an issue here on how to send an email from UiPath as somebody else’s email without knowing their login details. Send email and set sender as different email

As I know it’s not possible in UiPath/Outlook/SMTP. For this purpose, we want to use Mailgun as we had some projects in PHP where it worked. I would like to use MailGun in the ForEach 200x for 200 records/emails.

What is recommended way to send an email with MailGun? How would you call MailGun API from UiPath?

Thank you

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Hey @robvesver

Call Mailgun API from UiPath using Http activity.


I did not find out how to do it with Http activity as I found nothing in MailGun documentation and I could not find out how to do it by myself. At the end I used MailGun with SMTP Activity. Now I can send emails as somebody else.

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