Has anyone send email from uipath with mailjet.com?

Hello, my boss told me to send emails with mailjet and not with smtp activity because it crashes from time to time.

He told me that mailjet has his own activities in the acitvity panel, but I can’t find them. I searched for packages in case I missed something, but cand’t find anything related to mailjet.

Has anyone send a mail via mailjet?

HI @adrianab.98

May be there is custom package , Search in All Packages and check

You cant find the activity or Package


Hi @adrianab.98,

To send emails using Mailjet in UiPath, you can use the following steps:

  1. Create an account on Mailjet: To use the Mailjet API, you need to create an account and generate an API key and secret key.
  2. Install the Mailjet package: In UiPath, navigate to the Manage Packages option and search for the Mailjet package. Install it in your project.
  3. Create a variable for the API Key and Secret Key: To access the Mailjet API, you need to use the API Key and Secret Key. You can create two variables, one for the API Key and the other for the Secret Key.
  4. Use the Send Email activity: In UiPath, use the Send Email activity to send an email using Mailjet. In the activity, you can specify the recipient, subject, body, and attachments. You can also use the Mailjet API to access additional features, such as creating templates, customizing the sender email, and tracking email campaigns.
  5. Use the Mailjet API: To use the Mailjet API, you can use the HTTP Request activity in UiPath. In the activity, you can specify the URL, Method (e.g. POST), and Body (e.g. JSON) of the request. The response from the API will be stored in a variable.
  6. Verify the email: To verify that the email has been sent successfully, you can check the response from the Mailjet API. If the response indicates that the email was sent successfully, you can proceed to the next step.
  7. Debug and troubleshoot: If you encounter any issues with the Mailjet integration in UiPath, you can use the Debug feature in UiPath to identify the issue and troubleshoot it. You can also consult the Mailjet API documentation for assistance.

Check this:

Change setting:

and search for the mailjet package:

Hello @adrianab.98
You can find the custom activities or packages in the Manage packages> All packages> search custom a package name> install and save it.

If you have a Custom activity for mail jet, ask your client or Boss regards to the activity name and searches in all packages

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