Is there any activity to send mail via SMTP server integration

Hi all,

I’m trying to send an email using “Send SMTP Mail Message” but the information I’ve is different. I need the username field but there is Email field there. In short, how we can use SMTP server integration instead of App integration in UiPath?

Hey @zain.abideen ! Have you already tried pass your username information in “Email” field?

The uipath activity already makes a direct integration with the server, just pass the information that you would pass if you built your own integration with the server. I’m not sure I understand what you mean by SMTP server integration instead of App integration.

You can refer to the screenshot below for integration with SMTP server.

So basically, I’ve the subscription of SMTP server to send notification emails. Now I’m using same in UiPath. When I entered username in the email field. Whole process execute without any error but I didn’t receive any email.