Sending a mail by clicking on hyperlink


Hello everyone,

Email will be received with two hyperlinks, one to approve and other to reject the request. Once the approver clicks on either of the links, an email should be sent stating the approval/rejection of the request to the requestor. Can anyone help me with this. Attached is the screenshot for reference.

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Hi Vamsi,
Can you please be clear on , where the click takes us to.


Hi @sharathraju489,

Thanks for the reply.

It won’t take/redirect us anywhere. I want to send an email back.

Once we click on the link, an Email should be sent back to the requester. We will pass the requester mail ID in a variable. So, I just want to know how to send an email on click.

As of now I’m using this - <a href=">Send Mail.

Is there any other better way to do the same? If there please suggest me.

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