Sending email with clickable links

Hello everyone,

I currently have a process that gets the list of websites from a search engine and attaches it to an email.
The problem I have at the moment is that I would like to make it easier by having a clickable link instead of having to copy and paste the link in a new tab of the browser.

Is there anything i can do to change this?

Hi @dvn

Are you attaching excel file to the mail? And you want the clickable link(Hyperlink) to be in Excel file or in Mail body?

If you are looking to have in Excel file then refer below post and do modification in your code

Hope this helps


@dvn Build the email body in HTML. Use this for URL
< a href=" url "> link text < /a>. Use these string in email body.

And enable the property IsbodyHtml in send mailmessage activity.